Ready to Drink (RTD) Hong Kong | Four-Twenty CBD Cocktails

What is a ready to drink beverage?

Ready to drink (RTD) are referring to beverages that are pre-packaged, pre-mixed and prepared for consumption directly from the bottle or can.

What are Four-Twenty CBD cocktails?

Four-Twenty CBD cocktails are made in Hong Kong ready to drink cocktails which recipes are all created by professional bartenders and craftily made to perfection by industry experts. Started with a range of 3 different pre-mixed cocktails, more will come in the near future.

HIGHer BALL CBD Scotch Whisky Soda
When others get high, this is how we get higher. Premium Blended Scotch Whisky, lemon oil, and 20mg of CBD, just the perfect amount to work the magic.

OGT CBD Gin & Tonic
A good gin tonic is the OG of all drinks. What are you still waiting for? Our GT is made with an elevated London Dry Gin, craft tonic water, and the perfect amount of CBD to bring out the gangster in you.

Magic Acid CBD Vodka Soda
Some people wonder how we keep it cool. Here’s how: French Vodka, soda water. Too simple? Make it taste like green apple candies and throw in 20mg of CBD for pure chillness.

How is Four-Twenty different from other brands?

We are the first ready to drink CBD cocktails in Hong Kong. While we love to drink (and get drunk), we have never really had a good experience when it comes to RTDs.

Every time we walk into a convenient store, like 7-11 or Circle K, or even in a ‘bottle shop’, it seems like we only have so few choices to choose from. Either they are heavily diluted and watered down to 4-5% ABV just to match the taste of the majority market, or they have an extremely high sugar content that makes you feel like drinking a cough syrup, they are totally different from cocktails that we drink from a bar made by a professional bartender.

Eric, my partner and I started to think why don’t we create a RTD brand which its products will taste like bar-made, and which we will love to drink all night long. With helps from our bartenders team, we carefully selected top quality craft spirits as our ingredients, fine-tuned our recipe to a point that it is absolutely delicious straight out of the cans.

What make Four-Twenty the best? The right amount of CBD that will chill you out, and in fact you can have a can or two on the go whenever and where ever you want.

What is the best way to drink?

So you really want to have a can in your hand right now, what is the best way to enjoy it? Unlike other bottled cocktails available in the market, we have already diluted them for you. All you need to do is chill them in the fridge until it is cold enough, and drink directly from the can.

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